Facing Your Fears

I Samuel 17:26-50

Here we find the story of David & Goliath which everyone is so familiar with. I found some extraordinary tidbits. In the first 25 verses the table is being set. 40,000 Israeli soldiers have been standing on one hill and the Philistine soldiers have been on the other hill with a valley in between them. Goliath has been coming out everyday daring the Israeli soldiers to send out a man to fight him to the death and the loser will serve the winner. When the Israeli soldiers won’t respond to his challenge he begins to scream obscenities at them and their God. Goliath is 9 1/2 feet tall and probably weighs close to 500 pounds. All 40,000 Israeli soldiers are scared to death! Now David is a teenage boy who has come to bring supplies to 3 of his older brothers who are fighting in the army. When David walks up to the camp it is just as Goliath is screaming his obscenities. Notice the difference in their responses. All the soldiers are so frightened because they see how big Goliath is, but David is outraged that someone is defaming the God of Israel. David knows how big his God is! As David begins to question the men on what will be done for the man that eliminates this disgrace from the land of Israel, David’s older brother Eliab begins to rebuke David and belittle him. You have to ask yourself why would he do that? He even called David a coward. Now at this point you have to ask yourself who is the real coward. Eliab has been there the whole 40 days. He’s had plenty of opportunities to step and prove his courage. The truth is Eliab is the coward at this point in history. His own complexes have caused him to jump on David and label him with all the things that are really going on inside of himself. He’s deflecting the blame that should be rightly attributed to him and putting it on little David.

Don’t let family steal your dreams or your courage. Often times family can be our biggest supporters but sometimes they are our biggest critics. For wisdom sakes, we need to listen and discern whether their advice is wisdom or is it coming from their own complexes. David has a relationship with God that evidently they do not. I’m kind of envious of David at this stage in his life. All his life he has been a shepherd. Shepherds live a lonely life. One of the benefits of living a lonely life is you have no one else to talk to but God. Because God was the only one David had to talk to, over the years he had developed a really strong relationship with God. God had proven himself to David. When the lion attacked the sheep with the help of God David had attacked the lion and killed it to save the sheep. On another occasion a bear had attacked the sheep and David had killed the bear. Now think about that for a minutes. Because of David’s relationship with God he had no fear. He knew God would take care of him and help him in any situation. So when he walks up on Goliath screaming obscenities at his God he is outraged. Who is this uncircumcised Philistine blaspheming his God? He doesn’t notice how big Goliath is because he knows how big his God is! So let me ask you a question. Do you look at how big your enemy or situation is, or do recognize how big your God is? If you don’t like your answer to that question, may I suggest you start working on your relationship with God like David did. The more time you spend with God the closer you will get to him and the more you will learn to trust him and obey him and you will begin to see fear dissipate in your life! Trust and obey for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey!

Consumed by the call,

Pastor Marty Reid


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