Fighting off the Wolves

Freedom isn’t free. It always cost you something. We ought to stop right now and thank Jesus our freedom both physically and spiritually and while we’re at it we can thank all those who have gone before us and been willing to make the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live in a free country!

While salvation is free, Jesus did it all so that we could be saved, real freedom will cost us something. To be free as a nation we have to be willing to fight for that freedom. When we fight for freedom there is always the chance we could die defending our freedom and our way of life. The same is true spiritually. Jesus said if you want to follow me, you must deny yourself and take up your cross and follow me. To enjoy true spiritual freedom we must be willing to die to self. As we take up our cross we have to choose to kill the things in our flesh that hinder us from growing closer to Jesus! To continue to walk in freedom we must be aware of 3 different kind of wolves.

  1. There are wolves without. When I think of wolves without my first thought is the wolves that have rooted themselves in high places in our nation. They must be rooted out. Prayer is the main tool we’ve been given to root them out. However, if we are not aware of them, we will never think to pray against them. Christians must be aware, we must have discernment, and we must be willing to pray against everything that exalts itself above the name of Christ. There is a war for the soul of our nation! Christians must engage in this war!
  2. Wolves Within. When I think of wolves within, I think about wolves that infiltrate the church. They seem nice and want to get involved, but deep down they are there for selfish ambition or to bring disunity and to tear apart. Again, Christians must be aware, we must have discernment. We must be willing to pray against the wolves wherever they are! We must not participate in their games and in the destruction they bring. For instance, if you have a gossip in your church. You should be praying for repentance for that person, but should also be strong enough to call them out when they are participating in unChristian behavior. Never listen to a gossip!
  3. Wolves Inside. Wolves inside would be the wolf inside of you. All Christians are fighting a battle inside. Just like there is a battle for the soul of our nation, there is also a battle for your own soul. The enemy is constantly whispering to you. He’s trying to deceive you, trick you and get you to disobey God. The process of growing spiritually requires time and lots of work. The work is actually meditating on God’s Word and applying that to your life. The more you do that the more you grow spiritually. The more you listen to your flesh or the enemy of your soul, the more your growth is stagnated. In the movie “The Patriot” there is a scene where Benjamin Martin’s sister in law tells him he’s done nothing for which to be ashamed and Benjamin Martin replies with, “I’ve done nothing and for that I am ashamed! As Christians, sometimes, our biggest sin is doing nothing. Often times we know something needs to be done, but we let our fears or doubts get the best of us and we do nothing. Fear and doubt come from the enemy! It’s time for the Church of the living God to stand up and take a stand for God! Sometimes we don’t see God at work in our life and the reason is we refuse to take the stand. David would’ve never defeated Goliath if he hadn’t of taken a stand. We too, will see God move on our behalf if we will only be willing to take that stand. When we move, He moves! Consumed by the call, Pastor Marty