The Blinding Power of an Offense

Proverbs 18:19 (NIV) 19  An offended brother is more unyielding than a fortified city, and disputes are like the barred gates of a citadel.

According to Scripture it is more difficult to get to the heart of an offended brother than it is to climb a fortified city. That sounds pretty serious. I think we ought to be careful about being offended. I also think we ought to be careful about being the offender. Listen to what Jesus said.

Luke 17:1 (KJV) 1  Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!

Sounds like it’s pretty serious to be the offender as well. I wonder how many American Christians there are who refuse to go to church because they’ve been offended. How many Christians are going to church and continuing to offend people?

Listen, every time somebody does or says something offensive, all they’ve done is let you know who they are! Think about that for a moment. Jesus also said this, “Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So if you will just listen to people long enough, eventually they will let you know who they are. People who are constantly offending people have something seriously wrong in their character. Now, let’s be honest. We have all been the offender and we all have been the offended. Spiritual maturity is how we react when we don’t get our way or when someone offends us. I’ve come to the conclusion that there are many, many Christians who genuinely think they are spiritually mature, but they are far from it. In fact, the greatest attribute a Christian can have is one of genuine humility. We get in trouble when we start thinking we are more or better than we really are!

How about this thought. Whatever we hang onto that is more important than loving the Lord our God with all of our heart, mind, and soul is idolatry. Most American Christians think the one sin I know I don’t have is idolatry, but the truth is that particular sin is running rampant in our churches. Anything we hold onto that is more important than loving the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, and soul is idolatry. There are more Christians than I can count who have put an offense above their loving their God with all their heart, soul & mind.

Paul said in 1 Corinthians chapter 6, “Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated? Instead, you yourselves cheat and do wrong, and you do this to your brothers.

When you hold an offense, you are stuck! You can’t go forward! You will remain stuck until you free yourself from the bondage of the offense!

One of our goals should be to see if there is any hidden offense inside of us. To do this we must be honest. We must allow the Holy Spirit to have His way in us. Secondly we should desire to bring reconciliation between wounded party’s. We need to have our conscience’s cleared so we can be free. This is the stuff of revival’s. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman. He will not force Himself on us. We must choose to allow the Holy Spirit to look deep inside our souls and allow Him to cleanse us of any offenses and then be about the Father’s business and bring reconciliation between us and anyone we’ve been offended by or that we may have offended. When reconciliation is more important than us being right, revival will come! At the very least inside of us!

Consumed by the call,

Pastor Marty


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